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The right products for organizations

As a distributor and wholesaler of medical and pharmaceutical products, we want to offer the right products to organizations.

We look at the needs and solutions of organizations where groups of people come together. Think about production plants, schools, large events, businesses, ... .

We validate the products to have the required quality and certification by local health authorities. We also work closely with our distribution partner for pharmacies to make sure our products are accepted.

We provide advice to organizations and sell products from our large stock in Luxembourg and Belgium.

Are you looking to secure the continuation of your operations or events? We are happy to help.

Corona related products

Since the outbreak of Corona we are focusing on products that can help organizations safely return to their normal operation.

Quality Products

We work with a local partner for qualification of products, for distribution to pharmacies and with local health authorities for certification of our products.

Large Stock

We keep large quantities in stock in our local warehouses to fulfill large or returning orders.

Fast Delivery

We offer fast shipping from our warehouses in Luxembourg and Belgium.